Incarnate _Word_0245As most of you know, our campus is currently under construction building a new, state-of-the-art student engagement center. Before this project started, UIW’s beloved center for students and the community to gather was Marian Hall. From the 1960s all the way through 2015, Marian Hall was one of UIW’s favorite dormitories, dining halls, event centers and student union centers.exterior1991marianhall

By the time Marian Hall was completed in 1960, there was a need to have a place on campus where students could congregate and hang out in one place. Over the years, Marian Hall would become a staple on campus for students to meet. Many campus events took place in the famed Marian Ballroom, and one of the central dining locations was the dining hall in Marian Hall. Both locations provided a place to come together between classes. The dormitories also provided residents a form of unity as Marian Hall was one of the earliest dormitories on campus at that time.

exterior1991dininghallBy Marian Hall’s final year, the location housed offices, a ballroom, a dining hall and a lounge for students to watch television or set up their computers to work on homework or use social media. Losing the physical building of Marian Hall has been emotionally hard for many in the UIW community from students and alumni to current and past employees who also have strong ties to the location.

IMG_1088The new Student Engagement Center that is being built in its place will carry on the legacy that Marian Hall built over the decades. It boasts a much larger space for students and the community to gather as well as the opening of a restaurant in its basement level. It will continue to help grow the traditions and community that UIW loves and cherishes in each and every unique student that walks the halls and paths of campus.

Whether you went to Incarnate Word College/University of the Incarnate Word and congregated at Marian Hall or currently attend UIW and will hang out with your friends in the new Student Engagement Center, we are one family made up of many unique and beautiful cultures.



4 thoughts on “A Recollection: The Student Engagement Center Past, Present and Future

  1. I’m not one to cling to the past too tightly… This new building was definitely needed and warmly welcomed—but I can’t help missing the Marian Hall of my undergrad years, 2009-2013. It’s like a small part of that time is gone. So, I guess this is what it feels like to be sentimental?

    That being said, this new building will be totally cool and I want to be the first to check it out!


  2. Thank you for acknowledging that it’s “emotionally hard”. Granted, it’s just a building but I had a lot of great memories in Marian.


    1. Marian Hall did leave us with wonderful memories; we’re very happy you can share them with us and hope you check out the student engagement center when it’s finished.


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