The H-E-B School of Business & Administration at UIW offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with a concentration in Financial Planning. We spoke with Dr. Alicia Rodriguez de Rubio, finance coordinator, about this program at UIW.

UIW: Tell me more about the Financial Planning concentration in the Finance Program.

Rodriguez de Rubio: The Financial Planning concentration prepares students for careers in financial planning and related fields.  The program is registered with the CFP® Board. The students who successfully complete it will fulfill the education requirement that is needed to take the CFP® exam.

UIW: What types of special programs are available to students in this program that can help further their experience?

Rodriguez de Rubio: Students in the program are in close contact with industry professionals through the partnership that we have with the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of San Antonio and South Texas as well as our Financial Planning Advisory Board Members. The FPA provides guest speakers and networking opportunities for the students. We host an annual FPA symposium on Campus and the students are invited to participate.

Selected students can participate in the Student Managed Fund class, which allows them the opportunity to manage and invest a portion of the UIW endowment. The Student Managed Fund class was offered for the first time this semester (Fall 2016). Students who take the Investment Planning class can apply to participate and are approved by the faculty. Those participating can research investments using our Bloomberg terminal. They develop an investment policy statement and select investments based on their research findings. The recommendations are presented to an investment committee for approval. Once approved, the funds are invested. The students get real-life experience in investment planning and managing.

UIW: How is this concentration beneficial?

Rodriguez de Rubio: Financial planning is a career in demand due to the large number of people reaching retirement age. The CFP® certification is recognized as the most desired designation in the field. Employers are looking to hire graduates who have met the education requirement and are ready to take the CFP® examination. Research has shown that the CFP® certification offers the potential for higher income.

UIW: What types of career opportunities are available for a graduate of this program?

Rodriguez de Rubio: Wealth management, fee only financial planning firms, insurance, investment analyst.

UIW: What type of person is best suited for this program?

Rodriguez de Rubio: People who like to solve problems and have good communication skills. If you are interested in helping people meet their financial goals, then this is the career for you.

One thought on “A Q&A about the Financial Planning Concentration at UIW

  1. Truly great to see how UIW’s business school has developed over the past couple of years. I only wish we had the current programs and software when I was a student back in 2012. I am in awe! Keep up the great work guys. -Mauricio Sanchez


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