So, you’re moving in! Living in a residence hall is a little different than living at your parents’ house. That’s why the Department of Residence Life and Housing Operations is here to help. Let’s review our top 10 tips and reminders for helping you get the most out of your home away from home.

UIW Move-In Day 18

1. Sharing is caring
We aren’t talking about your shampoo or favorite sweater.  Living on campus means you’re sharing space with roommates and suitemates. Make sure you’re being considerate of their needs by keeping your area tidy, cleaning up after yourself, and being respectful of common areas.

2. Keys to succeed
Living on campus means you are close to so many resources. Take advantage of your proximity to the library, study rooms, tutoring and more. You’re also part of a community that is here to learn…your floormates!  Find out who is in your classes and set up study groups together!


3. Be seen being green
Sometimes you are in a rush and need to grab your lunch to go.  Ask for a green container at the cafeteria! You’ll be able to take your food to go then bring your used container back to have it switched out for a clean one!

4. Snug as a bug
Let’s face it.  We live in South Texas. While that provides some beautiful scenery, those gorgeous views are also home to plenty of critters. While the halls and rooms are sprayed for pest control, it can’t hurt to be mindful of not leaving food out that may attract bugs.  Pest control sprays rooms that have reported an issue on Fridays.

5. Sheets!
Make sure you bring two sets of sheets. While our mattresses are comfortable, they really are better when you have some nice, cozy sheets on them. Having an extra set will come in handy when it’s time to wash your first set. Speaking of laundry…

6. So fresh, so clean
Laundry is free at UIW. Most floors have a washer and dryer for the residents on that floor.  Ask your Resident Assistant (RA) for a quick tutorial on how to do laundry if you’ve never done it before (separate colors from whites, colors go in cold water, etc.)

7. Who you gonna call?
The RAs on your floor are there to help you out!  Trying to find a study group?  Ask an RA! Toilet won’t stop running?  Talk to your RA!  Miss momma’s cooking?  Talk to your RA (they may not be able to make your mom’s best dish, but they can help you through feeling a bit homesick)!

UIW Move-In Day 18

8. Explore SA
Did you know all UIW students get a free VIA bus pass?  It’s easy to get to Downtown San Antonio and around town from the bus stops right by UIW. Take advantage of this free transportation to explore our beautiful city!

9. With a little help from my…roommates!
Sometimes you get along great with your roommate.  Sometimes, you don’t!  We suggest being as up front and honest with each other from the beginning.  Take your roommate agreement seriously so you can come up with mutual expectations to ensure that even if you’re not best friends, you’re both great roommates.

10. Be a Cardinal!
During your time here, you’ll have so many opportunities to learn, attend games, get to know people from all walks of life, give back to the community and more. Most importantly, this is where you’ll find your wings to take flight! We’re all here to help you along the way.

UIW Marketing 0418

Have any questions about living on campus? The Department of Residence Life and Housing Operations can be reached at (210) 829-6034 or

J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar, MS.Ed
Assistant Director of Residence Life

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