Every prospective student will likely fill out dozens of college applications during their high school careers, and each application will ask the same kinds of questions.

What’s your address?

What’s your preferred major?

Where did you go to high school?

Why do you want to attend this school?

So how do universities set students apart from one another? Items like transcripts, board scores and personal essays are a large portion of the application review process because they are numerical tools to prove your academic strength. That’s why it’s important to remember these tips when applying to college.

Why Official Transcripts?
Official transcripts are final reflections of your academics, and will likely include an institutional seal or signature. These are essential in determining your application decision, but they are also helpful in cases which academic scholarships are automatically distributed to students with certain GPAs like UIW. Our highest academic scholarship reaches $20,000 a year! *spittake* Yes, that’s $80,000 over four years.

What about Board Scores?
You took either the SAT or the ACT. If you haven’t taken either exam, shut Netflix off and visit act.org or sat.org to register for an exam. You can take each test more than once, but make sure to begin taking these exams as early as possible to allow for improvement. UIW superscores results, so send us all the scores and we will look at your highest ones!

Do I have to write an essay?
Essay requirements depend on the university you’re applying to, but did you know that it takes 15 minutes to complete the UIW application online with no essay and no application fee? It’s simple and easy, so you might as well, right? Click here to apply now: www.uiw.edu/apply.


If you don’t have strong transcripts, totally bombed the ACT ten different times, or have never written an essay about yourself (of course you have, you’re Generation Z) then don’t worry just yet. While these items are required of almost all institutions, another way to show universities your true ambition and ability to succeed is to show your face. Make them learn your name.

For example, instead of applying to a university and waiting for months to hear a “yes” or “no” response, apply to a university and then, if possible, show up. Take a tour of campus, make an appointment with a professor or an admissions counselor, have conversations with the people who are looking at your application and get to know your future school. No, you will not be able to bribe these people, but you will be allowed a chance to make your application noticeable and receive additional help with improving your application all because you simply reached out to the university.

Long story short, you’ve got this – be confident and always put in the work. The entire world of academia is here to help you!

If you have any questions about the UIW admissions process, send us an email at admission@uiwtx.edu.

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