Picture this. You’ve just arrived on campus for the first time this year. It’s a cool morning. Coffee in hand, you feel refreshed, recharged and ready to face a new semester…a new year…a new decade. The possibilities are endless for you. This year, you’ll get it right. This is the year you’ll hit the gym at 5 a.m. every morning. This is the semester you won’t get anything less than an A+ on every single assignment. This is your perfect year…right?

Okay, so maybe you won’t be able to exercise every day at the crack of dawn. Maybe you’ll get a B on a paper. Maybe the truly perfect year is actually imperfect…one you can look back on and know it was a year of growing into your best self yet. We’ve put together a list of resolutions that can help you on that journey – try all ten or pick your top three! Whatever your resolutions are, remember that as long as you’re taking steps to improve yourself, you’ve already conquered the year.

  1. Stick to a morning routine
    This doesn’t have to mean that you wake up at 4:30 every morning. Pick a time that feels right for you and wake up at the same time every day. Have a plan for what you want to accomplish every morning before you walk out the door. Is it exercise? Maybe it’s simply having the time to make and enjoy your morning coffee. Regardless of what you think is best for your personal morning routine, writing it out and sticking to it will help you feel calmer and more prepared every day.
  2. Keep a journal to track your habits
    Ever had a bad day, but couldn’t put your finger on why? A journal, where you track your daily habits, could help you pinpoint what exactly makes you feel bad and what makes you feel good. Some common habits to track include exercise, daily meals and snacks, beverages consumed and screen time.
  3. Show your support for fellow Cardinals
    Did you know that UIW has more than 20 sports teams? Students get free admission to all UIW sporting events!  If you’re  looking for something to do with friends on a free evening, come on out to a game – from football to synchronized swimming,  we promise there’s something for all sports fans to enjoy.2019 UIW Tailgate Homecoming 45
  4. Stay ahead of the game
    You know this feeling. It’s 2 a.m. and you have a paper due at 8 a.m. You have written and rewritten your introduction five times. You’re getting sleepy but you have to finish this. Do yourself a favor and do your work ahead of time this year. Avoid the last minute stress of your  printer not working or not  enough time to get  your research done. Stay ahead of the game to avoid careless mistakes and undue stress.
  5. Grow your faith
    UIW “welcomes all persons of diverse backgrounds to its faith community.” Whatever your faith, know that you can nurture it at UIW. Beyond religious and spiritual faith, seek to increase faith in yourself as well.
  6. Make a friend in every class
    Today’s classmates are tomorrow’s colleagues! Take a moment during the first week of the semester to introduce yourself to a new study partner in each class. You never know when you’ll need to borrow class notes or work on a group project! Chances are that once you graduate, your classmates will become fellow professionals in your industry – it’s never too early to start networking!RCJ_2311 
  7. Meet new people in your industry
    Speaking of people in your industry…we challenge you to do some research on local professionals in your chosen field. Don’t be afraid to join a professional organization at a student rate, reach out to  ask for advice or even an internship opportunity. New contacts  can offer a ton of insight and help you get your foot in the door. 
  8. Find an exercise you actually enjoy
    Too often, fitness resolutions fail before they’ve been given a chance. Rather than committing to running a mile every day, take time to experiment with various exercise routines. Once you find what you actually enjoy doing, it will be so much easier for you to exercise regularly. Don’t commit to running if you hate running. Don’t commit to Zumba classes if you hate to dance. Find something that makes you excited to get your daily exercise in!
  9. Go to at least one office hour for every class
    Your professors want you to visit during office hours! They have literally set aside time just to wait for you to come by! An office hours visit doesn’t mean you have to be struggling with an assignment (although that’s certainly an excellent reason to stop by). You can utilize office hours to dive further into the content, receive more feedback on a grade, or even ask for career advice!Dr. Maize & Feik
  10. Make a conscious effort to be kind
    “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” – John 13:34Love keeps us all going! Choose kindness every day. You will never regret it. There are some personal benefits as well – mainly that being kind simply makes you feel good about yourself. We guarantee that if you practice kindness all year, at the end of 2020 you’ll be able to look back and know that you became your best self.

There you have it! Let us know which of these resolutions you think you’ll be trying out this semester!

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