A Pilgrim’s Prayer to Live Life More Fully

I move so fast, God, and sometimes I see so little in my daily travels.

Slow … me … down …

Create in me a desire to pause …
Help me to pursue moments of what speaks to me of beauty and truth.
My inner eye gets misty, clouded over, dulled.

I need to see in a new way to dust off my heart,
to perceive what is truly of value
and to find the deeper meaning in my life.

Encourage me to enjoy BEING.  
Teach me to be present to the gifts that are mine.  
May I be more fully aware of what I see, taste, touch, hear and smell.  

Lead me to greater joy and gratitude.  

Grant me the courage to be my true self.  

May my inner freedom be strengthened,
so I may delight in my everyday treasures.


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