Show Me My Neighbor

Lord of All Love,
As I step out the door, show me my neighbor.
As I read the news, show me my neighbor.
As I pray, show me my neighbor.
On my left, on my right
Perhaps turning to me right now
Show me my neighbor.

Where my eyes have passed before and then turned away
Show me my neighbor.
Where my ears have heard cries that I have ignored
Show me my neighbor.
As they share a story that is different from my story
Help me to listen as if it is my own.
Show me my neighbor.

And then let me love them
In their joy and in their distress
That their delight be mine
And their pain be mine too.
Let me love them
As completely and mercifully as you love me.
In true solidarity
Singing our songs together until a new song emerges,
Let me love them.

I look up now, Lord.
Show me my neighbor.


Prayer by Edward O’N. Hoyt, Catholic Relief Services

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