What I’ve learned

To take a look at little things
and see the blessings that they bring.
They are alive in all our lives
but missed by our distracted eyes.
Now, I have the time to stop and stare.
Take a break from constant care.
Appreciate the cows and sheep
As under boughs, they stand or sleep.
Crunch through wood’s gold, leaf strewn floors,
as squirrels stow nuts in winter’s store.
Be transfixed as day folds into night,
a kaleidoscope of pure delight.
Bewitched as wind makes nature dance
In a twisting, twirling spellbound trance.
Give ears to the morning chorus choir,
as nature’s majesty conspires,
to show a life not full of care,
where there’s always time to stop and stare.

Mary O’Farrel

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