Heavenly Father,

There are moments in our lives when we forget to acknowledge you.
We confess this and ask for your forgiveness as we gather here to learn more about you.
Help us to live a more purposeful life, inspired by your Holy Spirit.
Give us the ability to use our gifts, give generously of our time
And remain humble in the work you have called us to do
So that the glory may always go to you.

Lord, let us always remember to start and finish with you.
Help us to read Your word and gain understanding
So that we do not lead anyone astray through doctrinal error
Show us how to, minister your Word, bring relief stand in our faith
And promote unity among ourselves, our campus, and people of every faith and walk of life.
Use us Lord as we stand ready to do your will.

We thank you for these gifts and for blessing us with Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word.


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