Surrounded by the silent powers of goodness, protected and secured against all fear, so may I walk with you into the future and confidently meet the coming year. When burdens from the past return to haunt us, when heaviness or evil brings distress, O Lord, then grant our frightened souls and spirits the saving grace that you’ve prepared for us. And should it be our lot to bear with suffering, to drink the bitter cup at your command, may we accept it gladly, without trembling, as offered by your good and loving hand. Or should you give us happiness, or bless us with earthly joys – with laughter and bright sun – then too let us be mindful how you’ve led us, and dedicate our lives to you alone.

O Lord, give us the radiance of candles whose silent, steady flames burn through the night. Lead us together again, if you so will it; and shine upon our darkness with your light. And as the silence grows and deepens round us, give us the ears to hear the ringing sounds of joyous praise arising from your children, and echoing from the unseen world around. By powers of goodness wondrously surrounded, we’ll face tomorrow boldly, come what may. God is with us each morning and each evening: His faithfulness is certain every day.

-Dietrick Bonhoeffer

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