Easter Prayer

Good and gracious God, our glorious creator, may we greet the signs in nature around us as spring once again blooms.

In the singing of the birds and in the fields waiting to be planted, may we give you praise for an even greater sign of new life: the resurrection of your son that we celebrate during the Easter season.

During this joyful season, the sadness and despair of his death gives way to new life.

In the resurrection, we know that justice will ultimately triumph, that light will overcome darkness, and that love will conquer death.

As we celebrate, we ask for your grace that we may live the promise given to us this Easter season.

May we imitate the life of Jesus in reaching out to the poor, the marginalized, and the least among us.

May we strive to be neighbor to all those we meet.

We ask for your special blessings each and every day for our Church leaders and our elected officials.

We ask for your special blessings for those who serve us and protect us in society: our first responders, our medical professionals, and the men and women in the military.

We praise you in this Easter season as we ask you to transform our lives and change our hearts so that we can be messengers of Easter joy and hope.

We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, our risen Lord forever. Amen.

-Fr. Lincoln

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