A Prayer for Pentecost

Spirit! Power and Passion of my being, press upon my heart your profound love. Move through the fragments of my days; enable me to sense your fiery Presence consecrating my most insignificant moments.

Spirit! Source of Vision, Perceptive Guide, permeate the moments of my choices when falsehood and truth both call to me. Turn me toward the way of goodness, so that I will always lean toward your love.

Spirit! Blessing for the heart grown weary, encircle me with your loving energy, empower me with your active gentleness. Deepen within me a faith in your dynamism which strengthens the weak and the tired.

Spirit! Breath of Life, Touch of Mystery, you are the ribbon of inner connection, uniting me with the groaning of all creation. Because of you, my life gathers into a oneness. Keep me attentive to this interdependence. Fill my being with constant compassion and a deep hope that knows no bounds.

Spirit! Dwelling Place, Sanctuary of Silence, you are the home for which I deeply yearn. You are the resting place for which I long. I find both comfort and challenge in you. Grant that I may keep my whole self open to the transforming power of your indwelling, that I may ever know the blessings of your tremendous companionship.

-Jocye Rupp

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